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Empowering people to better manage their financial lives means we need to understand people’s experiences with money and what they’re looking for. We do that through consumer research, industry analysis and continuous engagement with financial institutions.

Fiserv consumer research features one of the longest-running surveys of its kind built on years of consumer survey data. Our Expectations & Experiences research looks at where, why and how people borrow, invest, save and pay. The research provides rich insights into consumers’ financial experiences and informs the development and delivery of tools that help people move and manage money.

We also invest in understanding where people are in terms of their financial knowledge. For example, Raddon, a Fiserv company, examines the state of U.S. consumer finances, revealing attitudes toward financial literacy in its research Financial Literacy: Prosperity Begins With Knowledge.

To keep up with consumer needs in real time, Fiserv connects with clients through direct conversations and data collection. These touchpoints help us understand consumers’ experiences so we can better help our clients meet consumers’ financial needs.

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