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Fraud Management

Real-time customer profiling and decision-making to protect your payment transactions across debit, prepaid and credit products. 

Protect your clients using global consortium models, profile the behavior of your customers, their accounts and payment instruments to prevent fraud events and complement detection with two-way digital communication to save your customers' time. 

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Reduce customer friction

Automatically block accounts and issue new payment instruments when customers confirm fraud through digital communication.

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Drive down cost

Reduce fraud losses, operational costs and software maintenance costs with up-to-date solutions.

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Maximize your revenue

Increase authorization approval and associated revenue.

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Keep current

Count on Fiserv for ongoing innovations that help you keep up with – and even ahead of – industry standards.

Fraud Solutions for Digital Commerce


With Fiserv brand-agnostic solutions, decrease transactional and operational costs and provide a consistent experience for clients across all the card brands you offer.

• Zero Touch Authentication – Improved shopping convenience with frictionless risk assessment

• Dynamic CVV / CVC / CID – API-based one-time use card verification code to protect card not present transactions


Explore Solutions for Financial Institutions


Streamline account processing needs and provide a seamless customer experience. 


Get to know more about our omni-channel digital engagement platform. 

Financial Crime Risk Management Platform

Learn about our end-to-end anti-money laundering solutions focused on accuracy in financial crime detection. 

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