a person swiping an electronic card through a machine a person swiping an electronic card through a machine

Device Manager

Enhance the profitability of your self-service device network with integrated device management solutions from Fiserv.

Banking customers expect to find fully stocked and easily operated self-service currency devices wherever they shop, including ATMs, kiosks and POS devices. Financial institutions can most effectively meet – and even exceed – this expectation with a self-service network managed by an integrated set of self-service device management solutions and services from Fiserv.

Fiserv can also help your bank operate its self-service technology for optimal availability and maximum profitability.

With device management and profitability solutions from Fiserv, you can forecast currency levels in each self-service device, monitor devices across your network, track and reconcile shipments and deliveries, and analyze the profitability of each device. Ultimately, these solutions can help your bank increase automation across its self-service network, eliminate silos of information and enhance ATM profitability.


To maximize the profitability of your bank's self-service technology, your financial institution needs up-to-the-minute data and business intelligence. You also need the tools to use this information to keep self-service devices stocked and operational. Features in the device management and profitability solutions from Fiserv include:

  • Automated problem detection, escalation and service provider dispatching and management to increase the availability of self-service devices
  • Real-time tracking of self-service device statuses and currency availability to allow for complex, automatic currency replenishment scheduling as necessary
  • Enterprise-wide reporting that includes alerts about potential device tampering to protect against self-service device fraud
  • Sophisticated analysis of currency activity across the enterprise to allow immediate adjustments to shifting customer demands
  • Automated currency ordering through an online portal or an automated telephone system
  • Automated forecasting of the currency needs of ATMs, branches, vaults and self-service devices
  • Support for any device or currency point type, including ATMs, kiosks, smart safes, teller cash recyclers, self-service devices, currency dispensing units and POS devices

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