Enterprise Payments Platform

A centralized platform for payment types and clearing schemes in the Asia-Pacific region

With the rapid transition to cashless economies, financial institutions require real-time, secure and flexible payments and liquidity management solutions to manage the needs of digitally native consumers, corporates and businesses across domestic and cross-border payments.

Increasing presence of big tech, evolving niche players and the need for greater financial inclusion, along with the consolidation of payments rails and the unprecedented rise of digital payments, is creating a competitive payments market ecosystem across Asia. Non-banking players and international financial institutions are competing with you for revenue. 

Your financial institution needs a payments strategy that supports contactless consumers, corporates who are looking to reap the benefits of interconnected payments ecosystems, as well as cross-border instant payments.

Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv lets you process all payments – independent of channel, scheme and type – on a single, centralised platform and offers intelligent, automated payments processing. 

Comprehensive Payments Coverage

  • A single, extensible payments platform for domestic and regional clearings across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Australia
  • All payment types and clearing schemes – including high-value, low-value, SWIFT or instant, BAHTNET, G3, RENTAS, and more
  • Support for a growing list of more than 50 clearing schemes across the globe, including 10 in real time, with the ability to extend to additional schemes as required. 




Flexibility to Adapt To Your Specific Needs

  • Open architecture allows integration to any upstream or downstream applications, from account processing and FX checking to fraud and AML
  • Robust solution set that grows and adapts as you do
  • Add new clearings and refine workflows as you develop your payments strategy

Gain a Faster Competitive Edge

  • Available on-premises, in the cloud or as a managed service
  • Full-featured payments platform or deployed alongside existing legacy technology to support new and evolving payment needs
  • Implementation in months, not years, utilising a managed client configuration on a world-class feature set



Stay Customer-Focused

  • Provide your customers a seamless 360-degree view of payment activity, while you use the contextual, normalised information to create personalised digital experiences and products
  • Build overlay services, such as Request to Pay, on your instant payments rail to create and offer differentiated services.
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Impact Study: Can You Afford Compliance?

Maintaining compliance for both regulatory and industry-driven standards is complex and expensive, yet fundamental to a financial institution’s ability to provide payment services. This impact study explores five core areas of compliance that are challenging financial institutions today, and how combatting these concerns can orient institutions for success.

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Liquidity Management Solutions from Fiserv

Extend the capabilities of Enterprise Payments Platform with Aquarius from Fiserv to proactively monitor and manage your liquidity positions across all payment types.  

Enterprise Payments Platform for Asia-Pacific

Enterprise Payment Platform helps you exceed customer expectations for non-card payment types in the Asia-Pacific region, including SWIFT, wire, high-value, ACH, low-value and real-time payments.

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