As the payments landscape evolves, financial institutions are moving to modernize their payments infrastructure.



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Enterprise Payments Platform

Enterprise Payments Platform from Fiserv offers automated payments processing across all payment types and nearly 60 clearing schemes – including high-value, low-value, SWIFT or instant, BAHTNET, G3, RENTAS and more. Our solutions are configured easily and implemented quickly to keep you competitive and customer-focused.

  • A single, extensible payments platform for domestic and regional clearings, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand
  • Implementation in months, not years; manage client configuration on a world-class feature set
  • Quickly create new digital, online and mobile services and products for customers: Our instant payments solution and suite of open APIs allow you to quickly find new ways to serve consumers and corporates
  • A solution set that can grow and adapt as you do: Our open, real-time payment architecture allows you to add clearings and refine workflows as you develop your payment strategy

Asian Payments at a Tipping Point

The Asian payments landscape is transforming dramatically. The emergence of faster, real-time payments is changing how and how fast money moves, and helping to change consumer and business expectations.

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White Paper

Better Payments Systems Are the Future

Upgrading to a payment hub is a strategic decision for any bank. Read our white paper to learn how a centralized payment hub makes it possible for a bank to modernize their payments capabilities by decommissioning multiple siloed payments systems, simplifying IT and payments architecture, and facilitating process automation.


Payments Transformation: Building a Vision That is Instant, Seamless and Secure

Read this research on banks' views of the global payments landscape and challenges they face in meeting increasing expectations of speed, seamlessness and security.

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