Reduce costs and improve outcomes by using targeted member communications. Outsource to Fiserv for best-in-class composition, production and delivery of health statements, clinical mailers, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents and more.

Your communication with members, whether printed or electronic, should be a key component of your organization's success strategy. Fiserv can help you transform every transaction into an opportunity to deliver relevant content that changes member behavior and positively impacts your bottom line.

With every statement you send, you have your member's focused attention. Research shows that 95 percent of transactional documents are opened and read1 and that the average consumer spends two to six minutes reviewing their statement.2

Fiserv clients use our "intelligent interactions" approach to turn transactional communication into medical management tools. We integrate disparate data streams (weaving demographic and health data into transactional data print streams) to produce documents that are truly personalized to each individual.


Our Solution

Fiserv excels at composing, printing and delivering high-volume documents customized to each member. With a large national footprint dedicated to transaction printing and mailing, and electronic document delivery, Fiserv has the scale and capacity to exceed your member communication goals.

Document composition, production and delivery from Fiserv lets you:

  • Meet HIPAA requirements
  • Reduce operating costs through outsourcing
  • Fully integrate print and electronic delivery
  • Decrease claims with targeted messaging aimed at behavior change
  • Capture attention with color, targeted images and creative document design
  • Maintain control with online tools
  • Rest easy with industry-leading quality and security


Targeted member communication services from Fiserv are designed to help you reduce costs and increase profitability while improving member satisfaction and outcomes. Use intelligent interactions to:

Reduce operational costs

  • Increase electronic document delivery adoption
  • Eliminate separate marketing and compliance mailings
  • Reduce customer service calls
  • Direct members to Web resources
  • Leverage our high volumes for postal discounts and efficiencies

Improve member satisfaction

  • Provide relevant messaging on documents
  • Educate members on the benefits of their healthcare coverage
  • Provide applicable health improvement information
  • Help members reduce their out-of-pocket costs

Improve outcomes and profitability

  • Promote wellness programs
  • Encourage members to receive preventive care
  • Enhance disease management efforts
  • Change high-risk behaviors
  • Reduce claims

1Irongate Digital Solutions

2InfoTrends, the TransPromo Revolution: The Time is Now!

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