Instant card issuance services from Fiserv allow financial institutions to provide consumers with new or replacement Visa® or Mastercard® debit or credit cards instantly, in branch locations.



The ability to instantly issue permanent payment cards in your branches improves cardholder experiences, raises activation and usage rates, and differentiates your financial institution from others. Fiserv provides seamless card program management including instant issue hardware and software, consumables and central issuance.



Features of Instant Issue include:

  • Integration with the Fiserv credit and debit processing platforms for fast, easy activation
  • Handling the card issuance process in person, improving customer relationships and enhancing cross-sell opportunities
  • Attracting new accountholders and retaining existing accountholders who appreciate immediate card issuance
  • Increased activation rates and card usage

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Instant Issue Advantage Video

Instant Issue Advantage™ allows your financial institution to offer fast, affordable, in-house production and issuance of permanent EMV, debit, credit, ATM, gift and photo cards.

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Voice of the Instant Issue Advantage Client: Fiserv as an Innovator

Fiserv is committed to delivering the right solutions in step with the way consumers live and work today. Instant Issue Advantage™ from Fiserv enables the issuance of ATM, debit or credit cards instantly in branch locations.

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As the Branch Transforms, Immediate Card Delivery Offers Instant Satisfaction

Financial institutions are adapting to a "click and go" world with a branch evolution built on services such as instant card issue that meet consumers' expectations for convenience and speed.

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Instant Issue Advantage: Tablet

With Instant Issue Advantage™: Tablet from Fiserv, your tellers can meet accountholders at the door, tablet in hand, and easily and instantly issue Visa®- or Mastercard®-branded magnetic stripe or EMV™ debit or credit cards.

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Seamless Card Program Management with Fiserv Video

Fiserv enables financial institutions to delight and engage their members by seamlessly managing their card programs "under one roof" with products and services including instant issuance, EMV® solutions, processing services, central issuance and plastic procurement.

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