Whether you need to deliver health statements, premium bills, checks, ID cards or explanation of benefits summaries, you can rely on Fiserv to produce all your materials accurately, on time and in full compliance with industry regulations.

Fiserv is committed to helping clients in the healthcare industry solve complex business problems:

  • Decrease operating costs
  • Mitigate and manage risk
  • Drive behavior change
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Drive profitability

At a time when market pressures in healthcare demand cost reduction, we work with you to:

  • Increase adoption of electronic document delivery to reduce costs
  • Enhance member experience through highly engaging, targeted messaging
  • Save up to 20 percent by outsourcing document printing and freeing floor space and capital

Our proven quality, security and compliance give you peace of mind and the ease of working with a single supplier...one that knows the healthcare industry and its challenges. Fiserv supports the complete insurance lifecycle – from EOBs and premium statements to member communications, payment solutions and ID cards.


Our Solution

Your health statement and explanation of benefits documents command real attention. Research shows that 95 percent of transactional documents are opened and read1 and the average consumer spends up to six minutes reviewing them.2

Fiserv can help you use your member communications to reduce costs, improve member satisfaction and loyalty and increase revenue by:

  • Increasing utilization of electronic document delivery
  • Combining transactional data with promotional and educational content to drive behavior change
  • Using customized messages to capture attention and reduce claims
  • Cross-selling additional products and services to increase revenue
  • Producing digital ID cards on-the-fly, avoiding inventory investment
  • Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time using the right channel to improve satisfaction

Our multi-channel communication process lets you engage in targeted and personalized conversations with your members. We work with you to transform your standard communication pieces into customized documents tailored to the individual's medical condition or life situation, to help improve overall health and reduce claims. The result: documents that capture attention, drive behavior change and ultimately reduce costs.



  • Decrease costs – Fiserv provides the latest composition, printing and delivery technology to maximize your member communications and eliminate the need for capital investments and internal IT programming. Plus you can leverage our volume to minimize postage costs
  • Increase electronic document delivery – We are a single supplier for your print and electronic document delivery needs. We help you make the most of your printed documents while employing best practices aimed at increasing your e-adoption rates
  • Enhance member experience – Turn every touch point into an opportunity to enhance relationships. We can deliver your highly personalized documents based on member preferences, including print mail, email, interactive PDF, Web and mobile
  • Highest standards for quality and security – Certified by Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®, we have the highest security standards for facilities, personnel, materials and data. With more than 100 audits a year, we are in full compliance with SSAE16, HIPAA and PCI
  • Ease of a single supplier – We support the complete healthcare insurance lifecycle with solutions including health statements, premium bills, checks, ID cards, EOBs, HSA/FSA cards, letters and more

1 Irongate Digital Solutions

2 InfoTrends, the TransPromo Revolution: The Time is Now!


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