TransferNow® from Fiserv is a convenient online account-to-account transfer platform that provides consumers an easy and secure way to transfer funds between accounts and financial institutions.



Online tools make opening financial accounts simple and straightforward and TransferNow from Fiserv, a streamlined account-to-account funds transfer solution, makes moving money between accounts easy and secure.

TransferNow leverages in-session identity authentication and funding account verification processes that satisfy business, risk and compliance requirements to enable customers to safely transfer money between U.S. based financial institutions.

And, through real-time connectivity offered by the NOW Network, accountholders can move money between two instant-enabled accounts at different financial institutions in real time. Instant Transfers, a new value-added feature, offers immediate delivery of and access to funds and virtually eliminates credit risk for financial institutions choosing to add this optional delivery speed.

Financial institutions that offer a consolidated set of frequently used money movement tools — bill payment, person-to-person payments and account-to-account transfers — become a destination hub from which consumers can move money any way they choose. TransferNow allows you to enhance your online financial offerings, generate revenue and strengthen customer relationships by offering consumers the flexibility to manage their money as they see fit and make account-to-account transfers conveniently.



  • Easy and convenient transfer options: Includes one-time, recurring, instant or future-dated transfers to meet each individual's specific needs. Allows your consumers to transfer funds to and from checking, savings and money market accounts at nearly every U.S.-based financial institution
  • Multiple settlement options: Enables financial institutions to provide customers and members with instant, next-day and three-day settlements, and the option to charge additional or higher fees for expedited services
  • Advanced segmentation: Enables financial institutions to configure transfer limits by consumer segment
  • Comprehensive risk management: Leverages Fiserv best-of-breed risk management tools and databases, delivering powerful risk management and transaction monitoring capabilities
  • Optimized payments operations: Handles all aspects of ACH processing, including exceptions, resubmissions and inquiries; features five daily ACH submissions and the latest ACH deadline in the industry
  • Flexible architecture: Enables seamless and tight integration with a financial institution's existing processes and online banking environment.

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Help customers and members make account-to-account transfers conveniently. TransferNow® from Fiserv allows your financial institution to enhance your online offerings and strengthen customer relationships by offering accountholders the flexibility to manage their money as they see fit.

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