Personal Money Manager™ from Fiserv enables instant, easy access to an extensive history of transaction reporting and spending analysis data organized in a way that provides quick and simple macro and micro views of spending behaviors.



After bill and payments management, the most important aspect of the online banking experience for consumers is accessing balance and transaction reporting to effectively manage their finances.

Customers demand financial tools from their financial institutions to enrich their online experience and turn simple transactional data into usable financial information. They expect account balance and transactional data to be available at all times, day or night. And customers are no longer satisfied with a financial institution’s ability to deliver only 30, 60 or 90 days of transactional history on their accounts.

Personal Money Manager transforms traditional transactional data into actionable personal financial management (PFM) tools. Personal Money Manager enables instant, anytime and easy access to an extensive history of autocategorized transactional data and organizes it in way that provides quick and simple meta and micro views of spending behaviors.

Furthermore, Personal Money Manager provides consumers with the ability to create customized category-based budgets and track their spending habits through budget alerts. Personal Money Manager also enables financial institutions to offer consumers years of transaction history and without cost-prohibitive re-architecture of legacy infrastructures or costly mainframe storage. With Personal Money Manager, financial institutions are able to strengthen relationships with consumers by empowering them with tools to more effectively manage their finances.



Personal Money Manager has a breadth of features that empower you to provide the best online experience for your customers, including:

  • Transaction categorization: Enables consumers to apply categories (e.g., Utilities) and sub-categories (e.g. Water Bill) to transactions for enhanced reporting and tracking
  • Transaction memorization: A consumer can set up rules to automatically categorize transactions based on the transaction "fingerprint," a set of parameters governing each transaction type
  • Auto-categorization: Personal Money Manager will automatically categorize transactions with no user intervention if the host system supplies a merchant category code for each transaction
  • Budgets and budget alerts: Consumers can create simple budgets and budget alerts or easily create one based on how they spent money in previous months
  • Extended storage history: Personal Money Manager provides you the ability to affordably store transaction data significantly beyond typical financial institution host capabilities (e.g., two or more years)
  • Transaction memos: Allows consumers to provide meaningful annotations to transactions
  • Host stand-in: Enables financial institutions to provide balance information and transaction activity even when the financial institution's host systems are not available

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