With Originate from Fiserv, consumers can open accounts online, anytime and anywhere, gaining access to new accounts and services while you strengthen and grow relationships.



To attract accountholders, go where they look for you: online and on mobile devices. Although about two-thirds of consumers who start to apply electronically for accounts typically don't finish, the ease of use with Originate keeps them going, enabling credit unions to bring in more accounts and loans.



  • Frictionless user experience. Increase the number of accounts at your institution by giving consumers the ease they expect in online and mobile interactions. The reduced complexity enables you to win new business over competitors and increase cross-selling opportunities
  • Built-in omnichannel capabilities. Designed especially for mobile users, Originate leverages existing data and technology to make it fast and easy to open an account on a mobile phone or tablet. Consumers can start or finish an application through any channel without re-entering data after authentication
  • Easy transition from single- to multiple-account origination. Once consumers are comfortable online, they use Originate to open checking and savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs). They can even open multiple types of accounts at the same time
  • Solution integration streamlines staff and user experiences. The automated application process in Originate frees staff to spend time meeting consumers' needs. Integration with other Fiserv account processing solutions and online banking systems provides a streamlined user experience and consistency across channels

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Appeal to Tech Savvy Gen Z

Fast, easy and efficient matters online and at the branch

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Four Principles to Creating a Killer Digital Account Opening Experience

How can financial institutions create an exceptional account-opening experience? By understanding consumers' expectations and building a strategy that uses a digital approach to keep the process convenient, easy and engaging.

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Originate from Fiserv is a convenient, web-based service that provides instant access to your online channel to attract new accountholders. Prospects can join and existing accountholders can add new accounts – anytime, anywhere.

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