With Open Financial Exchange® from Fiserv, you can give your online banking customers quick and easy access to their financial information so they can better manage their money and make intelligent business decisions.



Our Open Financial Exchange (OFX) Server is the solution for safe, quick and accurate real-time exchange of information and transactions. OFX provides the communication bridge between you and some of your most profitable customers. It allows you to give online banking users quick and easy access to their financial information so they can manage their wealth and make intelligent business decisions.

OFX certification is a testing process administered by Microsoft® and Intuit® that demonstrates an OFX server’s compliance with the OFX specification. For financial institutions considering the implementation of OFX technology, this certification provides assurance that:

  • Your service is implementing the OFX specification correctly and is providing the intended functionality
  • Your customer’s desktop applications will successfully exchange information with the OFX server
  • Your customer service costs are minimized by detecting problems or omissions in the OFX implementation in advance


Open Financial Exchange has a breadth of features that empower you to provide the best online experience for your customers, including:

  • Support for real-time banking, bill payment and brokerage functions that 3rd party personal financial management application implement
  • Support of advanced OFX features, including full synchronization, for complete customer satisfaction
  • Assurance that every interaction is secure
  • Real-time access to host data for any applications that support OFX
  • Multiple copies of PFM applications to synchronize independently

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