Fraud Detection SystemSM from Fiserv is a Web-based security solution that analyzes suspicious behavior and reports suspicious activity before it escalates into fraud, identity theft or other crimes.



Fraud Detection System is a Web-based security solution that can signal the threat of fraud before customers fall prey to the perpetrators. It analyzes suspicious behavior and produces reports for security and risk mitigation purposes. Unlike network security solutions, Fraud Detection System reports suspicious activity before it escalates into fraud, identity theft or other crimes.

Web server logs are capable of drowning system administrators in data while leaving them starved for information. The approach taken by some administrators is to turn the logging feature down or off, or to log all the information and store it for review at a later date. In either case, critical time-sensitive information is lost or ignored. Fiserv recognizes the need to simplify and enhance Web log reporting and analysis, and developed Fraud Detection System to specifically address this need.

As the top provider of online banking solutions for the nation’s leading financial institutions, Fiserv recognizes the central role played by the online channel in protection of customer data as well as regulatory compliance. Fraud Detection System has been designed specifically to mitigate the pressures of professionals responsible for the Internet channel. The Fraud Detection System encapsulates the methods used by operations and security teams to analyze and investigate threats to the Internet banking systems of leading financial institutions. Having tried and tested the solution under demanding conditions in our own hosting environment, Fiserv is making it widely available to any online enterprise that is concerned about fraud, identity theft and compliance.



Fraud Detection System has a breadth of features that empower you to provide the safest online experience for your customers, including:

  • Phising detection: Detect phishing early in its lifecycle — before customers receive fraudulent emails
  • Daily alerts: Be informed daily of all suspicious activity on your website
  • Audit trail: Facilitate regulatory compliance with an audit trail
  • Proactive prevention: Demonstrate diligent fraud prevention
  • In-depth log analysis: Analyze multimillion-line logs generated by many types of Web servers
  • Reports: Create site-level and server-level reports of suspect website activities

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