Credit Card Management from Fiserv is a complete online account management system that enables financial institutions to offer seamless credit card activity management with integration to online banking.



Does your credit card business operate independently from a consumer or commercial bank? Does your website incur redundant costs, in terms of both online platform support and application development? Do you have scalability limitations for supporting a high number of credit card customers online – resulting in a poor overall user experience?

Credit Card Management is an online, line-of-business solution specifically designed to meet the needs of both card issuers and credit card customers. This solution can be deployed as a licensed, or as an ASP offering on the proven Corillian platform from Fiserv, the industry-leading platform with unsurpassed scalability, performance and reliability.

This solution seamlessly integrates multiple lines of business, such as consumer banking, small business banking, and credit card management decreasing total cost of infrastructure ownership significantly by reducing hardware, development, maintenance, implementation and administration costs. Financial institutions can recognize further cost savings through the many intuitive self-service functions available to consumers, thus reducing cost of cardholder servicing.

Credit Card Management gives cardholders a complete, real-time view of their account information. More importantly, cardholders benefit when they can access all products and services seamlessly, with single sign-on capabilities.

The online channel is the ideal place for you to strengthen and reinforce your brand value by presenting a breadth of credit card products and services. The online channel needs to support each of a portfolio’s products, such as the different features of business cards and affinity cards. Credit Card Management also supports business cards, by enabling business owners to delegate authorization for their employees' spending, and then to manage the spending as it occurs.



Credit Card Management has a breadth of features that empower you to provide the best online experience for your customers, including:

  • Online account opening: Enables instant account opening of new and additional credit card accounts for qualified prospects
  • Real-time information and transactions: Gives cardholders a complete, real-time view of their account information, including balances, transactions, payments, credit limits, cash advance limits, account history, finance charges and much more
  • Secure single sign-on: Enables seamless integration across lines of business so cardholders can access all products and services seamlessly
  • Bill payment and presentment: Provides cardholders with an easy way to pay their credit card bill and other bills online and the convenience of scheduling and managing their credit card payments online, as well as an audit trail of their payment history
  • Real-time alerts: Provides notifications of changing balance conditions, successful or unsuccessful payments, and payment due information, and can notify a cardholder in real time
  • Integrated self-service: Includes the ability to submit disputes, request copies of sales slips, apply for credit line increases, replace or add cards, change addresses, set user IDs and passwords, add or remove authorized users, and order convenience checks
  • Differentiated branding: Provides financial institutions with a highly flexible user interface capable of supporting the customized features and user experiences needed for a wide array of differentiated affinity programs within a single URL, or within multiple URLs
  • Business card management: Supports business cards, including the management of employee credit limits and spending through variable, delegated authorities

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