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Corillian Online

Corillian Online® from Fiserv is the industry’s best online banking platform which provides true integration of online banking, payments and personal financial management to drive greater user adoption and retention.



Online banking has taken over as the primary destination for most consumers to manage their money and is expected to grow to 83 million by 2014. Does your financial institution offer an online banking experience that measures up to the expectations of this growing segment of your business?

There are numerous online banking offerings in the market today, but none of these offerings deeply integrate online banking, payments and personal financial management (PFM) tools into the same interface as seamlessly as Corillian Online.

Corillian Online is an integrated online banking experience that surfaces 90 percent of the most commonly used online banking functionality, including viewing balance and transaction detail, viewing and paying bills, transferring money, paying anyone, viewing graphs of spending behavior and reviewing posted and pending transactions, all on one page.

Corillian Online drives more interaction with users and provides opportunities for your financial institution to offer personalized products and services through tailored targeted marketing solutions. Corillian Online also facilitates greater adoption of online services such as alerts, eStatements and bill presentment by promoting these services within the natural flow of the user experience and increases the touch-points each user has with the online banking session. This is critical because as consumers become more avid users of Corillian Online, they adopt more online services and become more loyal and more profitable to your financial institution.



Corillian Online has a breadth of features that empower you to provide the best online experience for your customers, including:

  • Bill payment and presentment: Provides seamless integration with CheckFree® RXP® from Fiserv so customers can receive bills electronically and schedule immediate, future-dated, and recurring payments either directly from the Financial Overview homepage
  • Real-time money movement: Enables real-time, future-dated and recurring transfers between accounts within or between financial institutions
  • Personal financial management integration: Personal Money Manager™ from Fiserv transforms traditional transactional data into actionable personal financial management (PFM) tools that enable instant, easy access to an extensive history of auto-categorized transactional data and organizes it in way that provides quick and simple macro and micro views of spending behaviors
  • Real-time alerts: Provides alerts for balance and transaction thresholds, successful or unsuccessful payments, and payment due information and can notify a customer in real-time on the most convenient device
  • Integrated self-service: Lets customers make online customer service inquiries, open new accounts, change their online user ID and password, reorder checks, stop payments, update personal information and create reports
  • Flexible deployment and configurations: Supports multilingual and multi-currency configurations, as well as deployments in a hosted environment or on-premise as a licensed offering

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