Build customer trust and loyalty with anytime, anywhere multi-channel alert notification. With online banking alerts from Fiserv, your customers are reassured that you are responsive to their needs as financial and security situations change.



Few things in life are more precious than time. And most people have neither the time or the desire to track their finances on a daily basis. With online banking alerts from Fiserv, you can help your customers save time and better manage their finances. By doing so, your financial institution will have a distinct competitive advantage and the opportunity to build long-term trust and loyalty with your customers.

Alerts automatically notify customers of specific events, like when their account balance reaches a specified level. Even if customers overdraw their account after receiving the alert, the fact that they received it at all can give them a lasting positive impression of your financial institution. As customers begin to see you as a trusted financial advisor rather than an adversary, they become more loyal.

Concerned about increased customer service costs? Don’t be. Because Alerts proactively notify customers about a variety of financial events, a greater degree of self-service is encouraged. When customers can take care of issues without contacting customer service, your branch and call center resources can focus on higher value interactions like loan requests or opening new accounts.

Another Alerts feature that’s sure to get a nod from your marketing team is targeted messaging. Within the alert itself, you can communicate products and services relevant to a customer’s specific situation. For example, a low balance alert might include information about an equity line promotional rate, while a high balance alert could trigger a message regarding CD rates. By targeting messages based on the specific alert types, you get a low-cost yet effective channel for marketing additional products and services.



Alerts has a breadth of features that empower you to provide the best online experience for your customers, including:

  • Alert subscription: Lets customers subscribe easily for relevant alerts
  • Statement notification alerts: Informs customers when a new statement is available
  • Balance alerts: Lets customers set balance thresholds (both high and low) to trigger an alert
  • Transaction type alerts: Permits customers to specify the transactions that trigger an alert (for example, debits, credits, ATM, check)
  • Secure message alerts: Informs customers when your financial institution has sent a secure message
  • Enhanced alerts: Offer additional alerts, such as bill payment, positive pay, ACH, wire, approval and others
  • Multi-device notification: Allows customers to receive alerts by wireless device, via fax, messenger and text-to-speech

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