Offer access to banking when, how and where people want it. Mobiliti™ from Fiserv powers world-class mobile banking and payment experiences for banks and credit unions.



Consumers want access to their finances quickly and easily – anytime, anywhere. Mobiliti, available as an ASP or SaaS product, provides the resources and expertise you need to create a best-in-class mobile banking and payments solution to meet consumers’ needs. It integrates seamlessly with your existing Fiserv system to deliver a consistent consumer experience across digital channels. And it evolves as your users and your mobile channel grow.

Mobiliti includes alerts, customer-care tools, service reporting, analytics and diagnostic tools, and Instant Balance, which enables your customers to see account balances on the go without logging in to the mobile banking app.



New Feature: Instant Balance
  • Offers complete banking, person-to-person payments, mobile deposit, alerts and bill payment functionality, plus location-finder services for branches and ATMs
  • Integrates with Fiserv online banking systems for a seamless customer experience across digital channels
  • Supports mobile access – SMS, browser and downloadable applications – through a single platform so customers can enroll online easily and then choose up to three ways to access mobile banking
  • Integrates customer care, enrollment tools and reporting
  • Gives customers instant balances – no account login required

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Mobiliti with Credit Sense Video

Credit scores are becoming increasingly important to consumers as they realize the impact it has on their financial well-being, with heightened expectations of accessing their scores when it is convenient to them.

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Mobiliti – Payment Enhancements Video

Mobiliti™ from Fiserv brings exciting new payment features to your mobile banking app allowing faster and easier bill payments.

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Mobiliti and Notifi Video

The MobilitiTM and NotifiSM integration helps financial institutions by reducing fraud risk, deepening customer engagement and increasing revenue opportunities.

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Banking in a Snap: Mobile Image Capture Can Transform Financial Services

By allowing consumers to use their mobile device’s photo and video features to conduct financial business, financial institutions can strengthen relationships with profitable accountholders, generate new revenue opportunities and reduce service costs.

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North Shore Bank Case Study

North Shore Bank is all about helping families thrive, businesses grow and communities flourish. When customers started asking about mobile banking solutions, North Shore implemented Mobiliti™ from Fiserv to spearhead its mobile delivery.

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Consumers want anytime, anywhere financial management. With Mobiliti™ from Fiserv, you can effectively and profitably meet the demand by delivering robust functionality across a range of devices and networks – all through a low-cost, self-service channel.

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Mobile Adoption Services

Mobile Adoption Services from Fiserv offers complimentary tools to help our mobile clients effectively measure, monitor and maximize adoption and usage among end users.

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