From our mobile adoption services to delivering a compelling user experience, Fiserv enables you to achieve the highest levels of mobile adoption and usage.

Mobile Adoption Services

As with all financial service channel investments, the intended return-on-investment will not materialize unless there are significant levels of adoption and usage. With Mobile Adoption Services, Fiserv works with its customers to effectively measure, monitor and intervene to maximize both adoption and usage among consumers in order to achieve the desired business outcomes. Our adoption services include:

  • Mobile adoption workshop from mobile adoption experts who share best practices
  • Online database of customizable marketing materials such as emails, banner ads and postcards, and exclusive research and benchmarking data
  • Ongoing consultation and resources, including dedicated mobile adoption consultants and exclusive consumer research and industry benchmark data
  • Establishment of a channel management dashboard to enable you to effectively govern the success of your mobile banking and payments deployment

Mobile Adoption Services support is one of the unique benefits of choosing Fiserv as your mobile solutions partner.

Device Optimization

Through our proprietary technology, RenderRight™, rich mobile banking services delivered through the mobile browser or downloaded application (App) access modes are dynamically optimized to leverage the unique assets and capabilities of each device, whether it's an iPhone™ or Android™.

RenderRight is a rendering engine that optimizes the presentation, navigation and functionality for each mobile device. For example, Mobiliti could include location-sensitive functions for consumers who have mobile devices equipped with GPS capabilities, but exclude such features for users that do not.

Mobile Banking Adoption Improves with RenderRight Device Optimization

RenderRight delivers an optimal user experience every time, whatever the device. We believe that our unique approach to mobile device specialization and optimization helps us deliver the industry's best adoption and usage metrics.

User Experience and Design

As consumers adopt more digital services in all spheres of their lives, their expectations from banks and credit unions have escalated. With the help of our dedicated User Experience (UX) team, Fiserv enables a best-in-class experience for the end-users of our products. In turn, this increases consumer adoption and usage, and its consequences; satisfaction and retention.

We use a broad range of tools to continuously improve the user experience we deliver for our customers including:

  • Paper-based and technical prototyping (see diagram below)
  • Focus and discussion groups directly and with third parties
  • Usability and user testing within our three usability labs
  • Qualitative assessments including persona analysis
  • Quantitative testing and consumer segmentation
  • Visual design

The combination of our UX/UI capabilities and direct ownership of peripheral assets (such as the payment networks) allows Fiserv to deliver seamless, intuitive and delightful user experiences to users of our mobile solutions.

Mobile Banking User Experience Improvement Model

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MidWestOne Bank Mobiliti Case Study

With a long-standing commitment to customer convenience and a track record as a market leader, MidWestOne Bank finds the best of both worlds in Mobiliti.

Download the case study


1st Mariner Bank Case Study

When 1st Mariner Bank decided to reach customers via a mobile channel, it wanted to do it all the way. The bank provided a full range of mobile offerings via Mobiliti from Fiserv, and it then went the extra mile to ensure customers took full advantage.

Download the case study


Mobile Adoption Services

Mobile Adoption Services from Fiserv offers complimentary tools to help our mobile clients effectively measure, monitor and maximize adoption and usage among end users.

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