Account Aggregation Services from Fiserv consolidate, normalize and enrich account data from more than 17,000 sources to provide end users with a comprehensive portfolio view of assets and liabilities held within their financial accounts.

Financial institutions, wealth management firms, financial advisors, investors and mass market consumers rely on our Account Aggregation Services for financial planning, reporting and budget management.

Processing more than $72 billion in assets per day and delivering data from more than 17,000 sources, including bank, investment, retirement, insurance, credit card, mortgage and annuity accounts, Account Aggregation Services use a sophisticated, scalable, flexible and highly secure process to create a comprehensive view of a client’s financial picture.


Our Solution

These easy-to-integrate Account Aggregation Services support any application requiring personal financial data in order to provide financial services companies and their clients with greater financial insight, enabling better-informed decisions. This increased insight also helps strengthen relationships and provides opportunities to generate additional revenue. Available to 80,000 financial advisors as well as mass-market consumers, our Account Aggregation Services are just one example of our ongoing commitment to monetizing solutions for our clients.

Account Aggregation Services offer solutions for a variety of applications, including:

  • Advisor-directed financial planning
  • Self-directed investment management
  • Personal financial management

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Accountholder provides accounts and credentials using a secure portal
  2. Account Aggregation Services use the accountholder-provided credentials to gather data using structured files like OFX and CSV, data harvesting and data feeds
  3. Account Aggregation Services clean and normalize aggregated data
  4. Account Aggregation Services deliver data to and integrate with enterprise-class advisor applications such as financial planning and portfolio reporting systems

Finlocker recently chose AllData Aggregation. Read how they plan to leverage AllData for enhanced analytics for the mortgage industry.



Account Aggregation Services benefit organizations in a number of ways:

  • Actionable data: Financial institutions, advisors and accountholders receive a complete portfolio view of managed and held-away assets for use in financial planning, portfolio reporting and personal financial management
  • Ability to monetize aggregation: Balance and transaction alerts help financial institutions attract new deposits, cross-sell services and increase retention. Opportunity alerts help advisors attract new assets and offer advice on held-away assets
  • Superior data quality: Clients benefit from data accuracy, completeness and coverage in order to deliver solutions that help monetize account aggregation
  • Ease of integration: Flexible deployment and integration options give financial services companies control over the user experience with minimal effort
  • Superior support: Proactive monitoring and issue resolution, combined with a performance dashboard and SLA reports ensure clients have a complete understanding of service performance

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