Why You Should Be Sold on Mobile Cross-Selling

Mobile cross-selling

This week in BAI Banking Strategies, Shirra Frost outlined three steps to a successful mobile cross-selling program. According to Frost, director of Mobile Marketing for Fiserv, these principles provide a starting point for financial institutions that want to use the mobile channel as a strong messaging and marketing tool.

Consumers love the anytime, anywhere access a mobile device provides – and savvy marketers know that access goes both ways. Is your financial institution leveraging mobile to reach consumers with personalized, real-time marketing messages? Unfortunately, most are not, missing the chance to increase revenue, boost wallet share and build stronger relationships.

Taking advantage of the access mobile provides requires targeting the right customer at the right time – and with the right message. In-session banner ads, pop-up notifications, targeted recommendations and other tools promote products and services, while a real-time view of mobile activity can evaluate the effectiveness of the messages.

Want to learn more? Check out Sold! Cross-Selling in the Mobile Channel, a Fiserv white paper.

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