Tailored Experiences Key to Winning Today's Multi-Screen Banking Consumers

Not long ago, digital banking was just another phrase for "online banking." Today, digital banking has evolved into three distinct banking channels: online, mobile and tablet.

Many people equate these channels with the devices through which they are accessed, but there is much more to it than that. When designing for one of these channels, financial institutions are wise to consider not only the unique characteristics of the devices themselves, but also how consumers use the channel and the context and reasons for its use.

For example, when designing a tablet banking app, financial institutions can deliver features tailored not only to the touchscreen capability of the device, but also to the casual context of its use, such as the ability to view rich and interactive visualizations that deliver instant and meaningful insights. To maximize the potential of each channel and meet consumer expectations, financial institutions must deliver an experience tailored to that channel.

The concept of tailored experiences is the product of extensive research undertaken by Fiserv user experience experts. This is a topic we'll talk about in more depth at Forum, our annual fall conference for credit union clients, so be sure to check the event guide for session times if you're attending the event. You can also watch the video below in which Serge van Dam, Vice President, Mobile Solutions at Fiserv, discusses the importance of end-to-end integration to delivering tailored experiences.

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