Our Bold Resolution for this New Year: From Transformation to Transcendence

The new year marks an important turning point in the Fiserv history of delivering excellence to clients in the wealth management industry. As 2016 unfolds, look for additional timely information on The Point, including resources that drive results and improve relationships with your investment clients.

To better serve you, our Investment Services division began a business transformation in 2015, revisiting everything we do and exploring how we can be more responsive to better serve and provide greater value for our clients. Revamping a business is complex; however, our mission is simple: leverage our leadership position in fintech innovation to deliver unequivocal first-in-class wealth management solutions.

It is vital to deliver best-in-breed capabilities across the wealth value chain for our clients and, in turn, to the investors they serve.

We are determined to bring our clients the best that technology can offer and recognize that innovations change at the speed of life. Consistently ranked among top technology partners to the financial services industry, the scale and leadership of Fiserv allows us to make unparalleled investments in our division from product research and development to client outreach and long-term strategy.

Industry Call for New Technology

We are charting a new direction for Fiserv wealth management in 2016. We continue with the completion of both vertical and horizontal integration of our Unified Wealth Platform for enhanced efficiencies in managed accounts. We're equally invested in expanding our Wealth Management Network, which will further connect the wealth management community with secure on-demand access to an expansive and proprietary network that enables money management, delivers compelling and actionable data, facilitates information exchange, reduces risk exposure, and offers easy production and distribution of financial products and services.

To further expand our financial planning and proposal tools, we're focused on providing a platform that enables digital advice (aka robo-advisor). Our offering is unique in that it will be an extension of our larger Unified Wealth Platform, making it the first robo-advisor option designed to be integrated with all managed account programs within wealth technologies. Our broker-dealer clients will be able to customize this to meet the specific needs of their investors, while remaining grounded to our core middle- and back-office systems.

Integration at its Best

Another key strategy in 2016 involves our partner initiatives which highlight our integration expertise – a critical proficiency for the wealth management clients we serve. Going forward, it is vital to deliver best-in-breed capabilities across the wealth value chain for our clients and, in turn, to the investors they serve. One way to do that is to identify partners who will enhance the existing capabilities of our platform and add new functionality through integration.

Partnerships announced by Fiserv in 2015 include HedgeACT to support hedge funds and alternative investments in managed accounts, and InvestEdge to offer more robust reporting solutions.

Talent Drives Innovation

The direction of our transformation is a reflection of our people. Last year, acquiring new talent for the Investment Services division was a top priority and we brought on a suite of tech-savvy senior executives with deep industry knowledge in wealth management.

Sam Bellamy joined Investment Services as Chief Information Officer, Brian Kape heads relationship management, Tirdad Shojaie was named product leader and Chris Aronis leads new business development.

Together we're working on a notably upgraded user experience, more advisor-facing tools, and improved messaging and connectivity for all wealth industry participants. We're introducing quarterly technology roundtables to create interactive and fruitful discussions, and a new technology and product road map is now better aligned than ever to meet key client objectives. Our team continues to seek new efficiencies, enhancements and meaningful add-on offerings that make a difference in your business.

As the industry moves away from benchmarks to focus on goals and comprehensive planning, smarter and more user-friendly tools are required to manage increasingly complex financial assets and goals. As many broker-dealers and advisors have discovered, managing technology and trying to get disparate systems to talk to one another can get in the way of taking care of clients. At Fiserv, we're intent on enabling and integrating the industry and are resolved to be at the forefront of this race into the future, running right alongside our clients.

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