The New Security Landscape: Post-Snowden and Post-Target

The ground rules of security combat have changed. Our industry once thought that the right mix of people, process and technology would ensure system security and integrity – and that technology would compensate for any process gaps and human limitations. However, Edward Snowden’s disclosures and the data breaches at Target, Home Depot and others have given us a new reality, with interesting implications for everyone in the financial services industry.

While risk is inherent in everything we do, there are steps to take to minimize exposure and fraud risk in a post-Snowden, post-Target world. In this Boardroom Series session, Murray Walton, Chief Risk Officer for Fiserv, and Ed Sarama, Chief Security Officer for Fiserv, discuss how to fortify processes, manage the unpredictable human factor and use technology to limit reliance on any one tool.

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