Playing Your Cards Right: The Costs and Benefits of Card-Funded Bill Payments

Consumers are writing fewer checks, choosing to rely instead on the ease, convenience and ubiquity of credit, debit and prepaid cards. This trend is more prevalent than ever – not just for shopping and restaurants, but for paying bills, as well.  As a result, billers must balance customer demand with the rising costs of emergency and card-funded bill payments.

Should billers charge a fee for emergency payments, especially card-funded transactions, and risk customer dissatisfaction? Or, should they offer card-funded payments for free and absorb transaction costs that can negatively impact their bottom line? Billers must carefully consider how they can best meet the needs of both the business and its convenience-minded customers.

In this Boardroom Series session, Eric Leiserson, senior research analyst for Biller Solutions, Fiserv, discusses card-funded bill payment trends, provides insights from new Fiserv research and weighs the pros and cons of offering free versus fee-based card-funded bill payments.

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