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30 Years

Back in 1984, ATM cards were the hot "mobility" device. The "Web" was something you cleaned out of a corner. Phones weren't considered "smart," and you had to do your banking in your home state. Financial services and Fiserv have come a long way in 30 years.

And we've really only just begun.

1984>>  First Data Processing and Sunshine State Sytems merge to create Fiserv, a national data processing organization focused on the financial services industry

1986>>  Fiserv becomes a public company and is listed as FISV on the NASDAQ Stock Market

1994>>  Fiserv has the first U.S.-based banking software and data processing service to be certified with the ISO 9000 quality standard

1995>>  Fiserv acquires Information Technology, Inc., putting Fiserv on the forefront of "client/server" solutions for banking >> The World Wide Web says hello to

1997>>  "E-bills" make their debut, allowing consumers to not only pay bills online but also receive and view them

1998>>  Fiserv reaches $1 billion in revenue

2001>>  Fiserv enters the S&P 500

2002>>  A "tipping point" for electronic bill payment: Financial institutions are offering it for free, accelerating acceptance and creating market momentum

2005>>  Jeff Yabuki joins Fiserv as President and Chief Executive Officer

2006>>  Fiserv commits to a holistic approach to serving clients: Introducing Fiserv 2.0

2007>>  CheckFree Corporation is now part of Fiserv — the largest acquisition in our history, bringing the electronic billing and payments innovator into the Fiserv family


2008>>  Seeing the power of mobile technology, Fiserv launches the first-of-its-kind mobile banking solution, offering unique and secure "triple play" banking access via text messaging, mobile browser and "app"

2009>>  Fiserv introduces a new brand identity >> Newsweek magazine names Fiserv one of the "Greenest Big Companies in America"

2010>>  The company marks 25 consecutive years of double-digit adjusted earnings per share growth as it continues to innovate: 22 patents issued

2011>>  Fiserv acquires M-Com and CashEdge, further strengthening its position in mobile banking and digital payments

2012>>  Fiserv launches a real-time money movement capability, enabling Popmoney person-to-person payments users to send and receive money instantly, aligning with digital consumers' need for immediacy and ease

2013>>  Fiserv acquires Open Solutions, adding DNATM, an innovative real-time account processing platform option for clients >> Fiserv is recognized for innovation in payments and digital channels, including Mobiliti, named Top Customizable Mobile Banking Solution by Javelin Strategy & Research

Today>>  $4.8 billion in revenue >> 14,500+ clients worldwide >> 700+ solutions >> 170+ patents issued and pending >> 150+ locations >> 21,000+ dedicated associates worldwide